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We are here to bring light to your life, we are here to bring the blessed coolness to you on a hot day, we are here to provide you with entertainment on your TV and we are here to do any electrical work that you might have at you house, office or factory.

electrician business

We have been running the electrician business for quite a while now and have been very successful in it.

Our customers

Our customers talk highly about us and no compensation is better for us than seeing our customers happy and satisfied by our work.

Our employees

Our employees are absolutely genius at what they do. The work they do is dangerous, however, they follow safe procedures and make sure you stay safe too.

Services we offer

You can get our services when you are building your house or simply anytime if something needs to be repaired or redone. Following are some of the services that we offer:

our vision

  • Installations:

We provide you with installation solutions of different electrical appliances that you might not be able to install yourself. Lighting, fans, air conditioners, television, microwave and so on, all these appliances can be installed with great care without ruining the looks of your walls.

  • Wire concealment:

Some people, very rightly so, do not want wires scattered here and there in your house. The wires ruin the looks of your house a lot. One possible method to hide all these wires is to put in them behind walls. This can be done using the concealment method. Your walls will remain as strong as ever and we will make sure to restore your wall paint too.

All our work is done using great care so as to not leave any open wires anywhere to keep you and your family safe.

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Our customer support team is always present to help you with any queries that you may have. You may write to us, email us or call us and we will get back to you very shortly.

Recent Posts

Five simple reasons to do DIY electrical repairs

Most people renovate their home themselves and are not afraid to hang the hammer, but they hesitate when it comes to electrical repairs. Here are 5 reasons why it is worth being an “home electrician”.

  • Lack of electricians: It is easy to find people to replace windows or install a siding. They are also found in free fall from the sky. Being able to find an electrician when you need it is a real challenge. Like the plumber, a good electrician, especially one who has time to take on “do it yourself and restorer” jobs can be rare indeed.
  • Electricians are expensive : If you are planning to save on remodeling costs, the first place to start is with highly skilled trades like the electrician. The downside, of course, is that if a good job is not done you will see the consequences. There is a learning method associated with electrical work that is not found in any other similar demolition task.
  • Electrical work is the cleanest : Compared to installing or demolishing drywall, or any other type of renovation, electrical work is the cleanest. In most cases you work in a healthy environment, unless it is an attic or basement. While the key thing is that “if you don’t like getting your hands dirty, don’t commit to a do-it-yourself renovation,” it sure is nice to have a special day.
  • Electrical work makes sense : No friction in electrical work. In fact, it’s all based on tried and true rules and all very logical methods. You have books and charts to go in the right direction, and if something doesn’t work out, there is a real and only reason why it is wrong.
  • Electrical work is easier than you think : Many renovators are discouraged at the idea of ​​poking around in the electrical service panel and installing new circuits. Yes, contact with the flaps inside the service panel is a very serious business. But panel maintenance work is only one aspect of electrical work. Heavy lifting to be performed in the new circuits can be done safely by “do-it-yourself restorers”, and if desired, an electrician can be hired for this last work of connecting to the service panel. Or better yet, if you stay cautious on the service panel, you can safely do the job yourself.

Coronavirus, artisans working in homes only “out of necessity”: but with masks and respect for distances

TURIN. There are those who are left without light. Who has a water leak and who has the alarm on tilt. Plumbers, electricians, maintainers and hardware do not stop in times of coronavirus (as required by law). But they observe two rules of engagement: distance and protection when they enter the customer’s home. And above all, travel only in cases of “necessity”.

The hardware store
“We are among the open activities envisaged by the decree, not so much to serve individuals, but the artisans, who need us to purchase material for urgent repairs”, explains Ornella Rovetto, owner of the homonymous hardware store in via Chiesa della salute. In the shop they come to restock as usual. From the blacksmith to the mechanic, to the boiler expert.

“There are also customers who have to face small everyday emergencies such as a burned out light bulb – explains the shopkeeper – If there is some elderly person who cannot move, we pass by him, we try to organize ourselves as we can, perhaps during a lunch break”. The best-selling items by hardware stores are disposable masks and gloves, sold out for days in many stores. In second place are light bulbs and batteries. On the third DIY items:
Talk to the plumber

«We have locked ourselves in the customer’s bathroom – says Marco Annarelli, plumber – they called us for a leak in an accommodation. We went into the house with masks, and whoever opened us had them too. We will have it for three days. The water has wet down below.