Tips for purchasing customized curtains

Curtains not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home but it can also provide some long-term benefits. The right curtains can make your room look elegant and beautiful. Plus it can also help to insulate your home and reduce the cost of cooling or heating. The key is to choose fabrics which are right for your window treatment. Buying customized curtains allow you to mix and match the color palette and have it blend with the other furnishings in your room. Make sure to keep the following tips in mind when purchasing custom curtains in Sydney.

The first thing to do when choosing a curtain is to find the right kind of fabric. The choice of the fabric depends upon the room which you are thinking about decorating. Silk and velvet have a beautiful draping and can make your living room look exquisite and graceful. If privacy is not your priority linen or any other sheer material would be an ideal choice. Care must be taken that there are certain fabric which can help prevent the heat from escaping through the window. These fabrics includes suede, velvet or tweed.

Another thing to consider before buying customized curtains is to ensure that these can be washed in the machine. However it is only with cotton curtains that you can have the freedom of washing these at home. For other curtains you might need to send them to the dry cleaners or have these washed by calling In the expert cleaners at home.

You may need to inter line the fabric if you want to create the right draping effect. Also the lining can help insulate the room. Usually the lining is slipped between the curtain and the liner. It can help prolong the longevity of the curtain fabric especially silk.

Cotton tends to fade over a period of time. It doesn’t matter what sort of fabric you make use of the sunlight can bleach the brightest of colors. It is wise not to use bright colors in a room which is quite Sunny. In a room where the furnishing has loads of patterns It is wise to go for solid colors to taper down the pattern effect. Neutral colors work best because it not likely to fade quickly.

Most interior designers make sure to hang the curtains higher on the walls above the window so that it gives the impression of a greater height. The key is to go at least 8 to 10 inches above the window frame. Similarly additional width adds extra space to your windows and would allow you to show more of the glass when the curtains are opened.

If you are going for the shorter curtains it is best that the curtains hem should touch the window sill. For longer curtains you may want the curtains to touch the floor or even pool over it by adding a few extra inches.

Consider all of the above mentioned steps when buying designer curtains.

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